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Opening my mail this morning, I find that I have been asked to be in Who's Who of Executive & Professional Woman. My first thought, of course, is, Me? They have made a mistake. This can't be real. But I did some research on the Web and it is legitimate.

After that, I thought, how could they have possibly gotten my name. Then I started thinking about my life. I'd like you to do that if you can while reading this. Pretend you just received the same letter.

Isn't it funny how when we think back over our lives, we remember first our biggest mistakes; our most embarrasing moments and finally the worst decisions we ever made. We are our on worst critics. May be that is why one of my most favorite prayers is the Bedtime Shema.

It appears, though, when I was busy thinking of myself as a loser, no one was watching. They were paying attention to the bright and beautiful stuff that I was doing.

Like participating as a home economics judge for 3 years at the county fair, encouraging young people to keep trying and not let tailorship become a lost art.

Their was the one time when I spearheaded a conference for small business people to teach them how to do business with all forms of government. I was able to have government officials from each layer in attendance including the military. Further, I spoke to the commander of the local Marine base and asked him if we could hold it in on of the buildings on base and he agreed!

I first thought of the time a made a presentation to the largest (newspaper) employer in the city, which
was an extreme success; I always put that in my failure column because afterward I found I had a large stain on the back of my skirt.

I accidentally dropped the keeps to the bank vault in the toilet and they we unretrievable. One of the worst things ever to happen to me. I had no self-esteem at the time. Needless to say the rest of the staff got alot of mileage jokewise out of that episode.

The next year, I spoke at the Arizona State Convention representing Yuma County as their Young Career Woman of the Year. I was one of five finalists. Rumor has it the count between the winner and I was only by a couple votes.

So the next time you go bad-mouthing anyone--especially yourself--think before you speak. What you remember may not be the truth of your being.

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