Ideal place surely warm enough for you Dating Safety

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    Earnest to deal with everything, do well what you do, don't cheat or lie, just honest to face dating, regard as your important thing, in return, you will obtain a beat match, true love or best friend... What's your opinion to this question---dating safety?????????
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    To me, dating safety is meeting in a public space for a first time. If I arrive in a public place to meet a man, there will be others in that public place that will see us. This is just one instance of dating safely.
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    "Dating safety" is a term to mean where would you think the best place to meet someone.  If you assume that everything about the other person is true.  Then anywhere would do.  But, some people lie and it is not about someones hair color or weight.  I am talking about criminal records and rape and sexual assault.

    I think the safest place would be at a religious function or after services.  Or coffee shop or restaurant.  Someplace  that you have been to before and the staff knows you.  So if something happens, they would know.
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    That seems to be an interesting question because people are replying with different answers then what the question is asking. The question is "Dating Safety" as in Where to meet someone (IRL) or How much information should be reveiled on a first date or email?
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